The absolute quality of raw materials is the core of our cooking philosophy.

Our cuisine is crisp and direct.

Dishes are decisive and understandable with a respect for seasonality.

A menu that speaks of tradition and pays tribute to the delights of our Sea.

Perl Blanche Oysters, Gillardeau Oysters, Tsarkaya Oysters, San Teodoro Oysters.

Octopus, Sea urchins, Oziadas (Sea Anemones).

Noble fish: Sea Bass from Dentice, Pezzogna , Red Tuna, and San Pietro.

Lobsters and Large Crustaceans of the Mediterranean Sea , Mediterranean slipper lobster, Asinara Scampi, King Crab.

Anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea, Bottarga of Cabras , Anchovy Sauce , Bronte Pistachios.

Amalfi Sorbet , Sebadas (Sardinian Cheese Fritters) with bitter honey, Exotic fruits.